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Modernizing how Suppliers do Business

BulkSource is an enterprise software solution for the bulk material industry.  The software has a comprehensive feature set and proprietary technology that makes it easier for producers to interact with their customers and truckers.  As a result of the features and connectivity, suppliers will more efficiently complete tasks throughout the quote-to-invoice process.  Most importantly, team members will not need specialized training to maximize the BulkSource benefits. Learn More

Platform Features

Eliminate Paper Tickets

BulkSource takes the paper out of your processes. By moving the quote, purchase, and fulfillment process to the cloud, the time needed to reconcile jobs and deliveries is reduced to minutes. Get more time back with BulkSource.  Learn More

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Executive Dashboards

BulkSource uses a centralized Dashboard to manage your entire operation. With a few clicks, access important information around your customers, orders, and trucking resources. View on your desktop, phone, or tablet. Learn More

Accountant at Work

Automated Reconciliations

BulkSource simplifies reconciling truck loads and their associated orders. By capturing the scale ticket information directly in BulkSource, all aspects of your operation stay updated. Keep inventory up-to-date and get paid faster.  Learn More

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ERP & Accounting Integrations

BulkSource connects to your ERP or accounting platform. Streamline your accounts payable process keeping your trucking partners happy. Receive payments faster and increase insights into your cash flow and profits. Learn More

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Digital Invoicing 

BulkSource catalogs all specifications and details for a Supplier's entire order. BulkSource tracks each load, providing insights into the total order's status. Once the order has been fulfilled, BulkSource provides an easy-to-understand digital invoice. Learn More

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Digital Payment Options

Stop wasting time waiting for checks to arrive in the mail, only to have to go to the bank to cash them. Get paid faster with BulkSource digital payment options, including ACH, Credit and Debit transactions. Learn More

Inventory, pricing, and client information all in one place. The customer portal enables sales teams to deliver excellent customer support.

Maintain internal fleets and independent trucking partners availability in a centralized place.  

Maintain & update inventory and site information from a desktop or mobile device. Engage customers and truckers like never before.

BulkSource can be used in a variety of industry applications. Many measured commodity needing last mile delivery will benefit from BulkSource.

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