Modernizing how Companies purchase Bulk Materials

BulkSource enables Customers to directly interact with their preferred supplier network.  Using a simple quote request and order confirmation process, Customers have complete insight into their order from the moment the quote was created to real-time delivery tracking and transparent invoicing.  Always go directly to the Suppliers and never have to deal with material or trucking intermediaries again.  BulkSource is the easiest and preferred way to buy and receive bulk materials.

Platform Features

Financial Report

Supplier Benefits

  • Maximize sales volume by selling inventory not sold to current customers

  • Capture higher profit margin sales without the headache of managing small orders

  • On BulkSource, list how much inventory of each product you're willing to sell and the minimum price

  • BulkSource facilitates all aspects of the sale, including pickup/delivery, payment collection from customer, and payment to you the supplier

Customer Benefits

  • Cutout traditional brokers and reduce landed product cost

  • Buy product with a complete modernized e-commerce experience; mobile/tablet friendly

  • BulkSource handles pickup/delivery; track delivery in real time and eliminate paper tickets

  • Pay online with your preferred payment method

  • Project financing options

Mature manager using digital tablet on c

Trucker Benifits

  • Supplement current work with job offers from BulkSource

  • You dictate your rates and we only offer jobs that pay you what you deserve

  • Manage your preferences (such as dispatch radius), availability, and equipment specifications so we offer you relevant work