What is your Sales Proces?

We use a 5 step sales process designed to fully understand your current operations and the potential benefits BulkSource can offer you. Our 5 step process is entirely free and ends with a custom proposal for your team to review.

The process includes:

  1. Needs/Problems Assessment

  2. Current System Evaluation

  3. Gather Requirements

  4. Milestone Planning

  5. Proposal

How much does it cost?

We make it easy to get started with no up-front costs. Implementation is free, and there is no hardware to buy. We based our pricing on a per-unit processed basis, and we customize pricing based on various business factors. Please get in touch with the sales team to get a customized quote today.

Do you build custom features?

We do!

In our sales process, we will do a deep dive into your current system and evaluate all the custom features required to make BulkSource the right platform for you. These can include reports, functions, or new feature sets.

How Long does it take to get set up?

Our setup process is quick. We can have everything set up and running for you with minimal customization in less than 10 business days.

What new features are you working on?

We do monthly updates on our product and roadmap. To learn about what we are currently working on, please contact you Customer Success Manager.


How do I access my data?

You can access your data through several reports within BulkSource.  Additionally, you can export your data as an excel file and integrate BulkSource data via API or FTP. 

Can I get it on my phone?

Yes, BulkSource mobile and tablet device friendly. 

How do I log in?

Visit and enter the username and password that your BulkSource customer success manager provided.

Can I store and share files?

Yes, our CRM functionality allows you to store and share files within BulkSource.