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Schedule, Track and Reconcile Loads in the Cloud

Schedule, Track, and Reconcile Loads in the Cloud - BulkSource takes fleet management to the cloud. BulkSource helps any business with their logistics, by providing integrated solutions for both internal fleets and independent trucking partners. Manage internal fleet availability or send job offers to your third-party trucking partners. Use BulkSource to capture scale or measurement data to automatically reconcile your inventory, orders, receivables, and payables. GPS and geo-fencing allow for real-time updates and site push notifications. Verify delivery with BulkSource Mobile. 

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Platform Features

Internal Fleet Management

Manage Schedules & Availability

BulkSource Fleet Management Module allows for internal truck management. Use BulkSource to manage truck specs and availability. Schedule trucks for jobs weeks in advance and never use a whiteboard again to manage the fleet's schedule.  Learn More

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Automated Delivery Costs

BulkSource takes the tedious process of estimating delivery costs and automatically calculates costs in under one minute. BulkSource's algorithm uses multiple data points and combines it with available trucks to create accurate pricing estimates without the typical stress. Learn More

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Scale Ticket Capture

BulkSource eliminates paper tickets with its Scale House Module. BulkSource creates electronic tickets from your operation and automatically updating the trucker, customer, and inventory in real-time. Learn More

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Geo-Fencing Technology

BulkSource uses the latest in GPS and GIS mapping technology. BulkSource geo-fencing allows your site operators and customers to be notified when specific trucks and loads are arriving to their respective destinations. Engage with your trucking partners like never before. Learn More

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Real-Time Tracking & Updates 

The BulkSource GPS and GIS mapping technology allows for all parties to track all their trucks in real time. At each milestone of the fulfillment, BulkSource updates load status. BulkSource has everyone working in unison, bringing confidence to every load. Learn More

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Automated Load Reconciliation

BulkSource makes reconciling scale tickets and their associated order a breeze. By capturing the scale ticket information directly in BulkSource, all aspects of your operation stay updated. Keep inventory up-to-date, pay truckers faster, and get paid quicker.  
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Independent Trucking Partners
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Unlimited Job Leads

BulkSource allows independent truckers to upload their rates and equipment capabilities enabling BulkSource to provide free and unlimited job leads specifically for you. Let BulkSource source and expand your customer network. Learn More

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Manage Jobs & Scheduling

Reduce the time spent sourcing and booking jobs. By leveraging the BulkSource Fleet Management Module, truckers update availability, accept, and confirm jobs weeks in advance. Let BulkSource fill your schedule and drive more revenue. Learn More

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Mobile Application

BulkSource Mobile is an application specifically designed for trucking customers. BulkSource empowers truckers to move their operation into the cloud. Collect digital scale tickets, turn-by-turn navigation, and delivery confirmations on your smart phone. Learn More

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Scale Ticket Capture

BulkSource leads the scale ticketing process into the modern era. The BulkSource Scale House Module stores your digital tickets in the cloud allowing you to say goodbye to paper tickets. Learn More

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Truck Management 

BulkSource allows Independent truckers to manage their specifications and capabilities. Ensure you see all eligible job offers. BulkSource helps independent truckers stop chasing jobs. Learn More

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Digital Invoice & Billing

BulkSource allows Independent truckers to manage their specifications and capabilities. Ensure you see all eligible job offers. BulkSource helps independent truckers stop chasing jobs. Learn More

Inventory, pricing, and client information all in one place. The customer portal enables sales teams to deliver excellent customer support.

Sales & Account Management

Maintain & update inventory and site information from a desktop of mobile device. Engage customer and truckers like never before.

Eliminate the stress and wasted hours of paper ticket reconciliation. Get paid faster with Digital Invoices and Payments. 

BulkSource can be used in a variety of industry applications. Many measured commodity needing last mile delivery will benefit from BulkSource.

Site Operations

Back Office Administration