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Modernizing the way Hualers meet Suppliers

Suppliers and Haulers come together in BulkSource. BulkSource enhances a Supplier's logistics network by improving fleet management. Whether you use Corporate, In House or Independent Haulers BulkSource streamlines the load matching process. BulkSource extends past the load matching and provides real-time status and GPS tracking. Then once the load has been delivered, Haulers update their Order and can invoice the supplier by the load or job. 

Features & Functionality

BulkSource allows bulk material suppliers to maintain their inventory centrally in the cloud. 

Load Matching

Advertise Rates and Services to Bulk Material Suppliers that match your hauling capabilities. Haulers can also use BulkSource Dispatch as a Service to help grow their business. 

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Real-time Load Tracking

BulkSource puts bulk material loads in the cloud. BulkSource Mobile allows the supplier, hauler, and customer to get real-time status updates and GPS tracking. 

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Digital Invoice & Billing

BulkSource provides haulers the ability to invoice the supplier by the load or a completed order. BulkSource get the Hauler paid faster and with less paperwork

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