Platform Overview

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Put your production sites in the cloud. BulkSource enables your site operators to update inventory directly from the sites using their smart phones. Maintain important information about locations and provide logistic partners fulfillment instructions. BulkSource eliminates paper scale house tickets and automatically reconciles inventory and orders. 

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Sales & Account Management

BulkSource provides organizations the ability to quote, order and invoice customers 100% digitally. The BulkSource CRM enables teams to view and store vital customer information, including contacts, custom pricing and documents. Reduce wasted time on outdated processes and unlock your team's potential. 

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Fleet & Truck Management

Coordinating the delivery of your orders is a never-ending battle. With BulkSource, suppliers stay connected with their approved driver network, allowing drivers to share their availability. Centralizing the driver pool enables suppliers to quickly schedule delivery for a specific job. 

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Back-Office Administration

Reconciling paper tickets is a thing of the past with BulkSource. BulkSource digitally collects scale ticket information in a consistent format across all your sites and provides real-time visibility into fulfillment progress. Take advantage of additional benefits by integrating your Accounting and ERP software, and eliminate hours of frustration managing payables and receivables.