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Modernizing how Bulk Suppliers do Business

BulkSource includes a robust sales and account management tool for bulk material suppliers. BulkSource houses important account and contact information. BulkSource enables sales and account management teams to provide a streamlined buying experience by providing both important product specifications and pricing at the click of a mouse. BulkSource simplifies the quoting and purchasing process.

Platform Features

CRM & Account Management

BulkSource CRM collects and stores important information on customers and inventory. Quickly access information and attach notes and files to accounts for future reference. BulkSource helps any operation deliver outstanding customer service.  Learn More

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Build & Send Quotes Online

BulkSource enables sales teams to build, approve and send quote requests quickly and easily.  The robust CRM functionality allows for complete transactions within the platform instead of juggling multiple systems and spreadsheets.  Learn More

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Product Catalog

BulkSource catalogs all specifications and details for a supplier's entire product portfolio. Any user may access the product description cards in a few quick clicks, making every employee a product expert.  Learn More

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Customized Pricing

BulkSource allows a sales team to negotiate and customize pricing for important deals and customers. Reduce the headaches and customer apologies by accurately quoting each order.  Learn More

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Schedule Delivery & Dispatch

Suppliers connect directly with their truckers on the platform.  BulkSource's proprietary algorithms automate the scheduling and freight rate quote.  On the day of the delivery, the supplier dispatches via the BulkSource logistics module. Learn More

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Digital Invoice & Billing

Quoting, ordering and payment collection are all centralized, which completely eliminates reconciling paper tickets.  BulkSource enables customers to pay all invoices electronically. Learn More

Maintain internal fleets and independent trucking partners' availability in a centralized place.

Fleet & Truck Management

Maintain & update inventory and site information from a desktop or mobile device. Engage customers and truckers like never before.

Eliminate the stress and wasted hours of paper ticket reconciliation. Get paid faster with Digital Invoices and Payments. 

BulkSource can be used in a variety of industry applications. Many measured commodities needing last-mile delivery will benefit from BulkSource.

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