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Put your production into the Cloud

Put your production into the Cloud - BulkSource is an enterprise software solution for measured commodity producers.  The software has a comprehensive feature set and proprietary technology that makes it easier for producers to interact with their customers and truckers.  As a result of the features and connectivity, suppliers will more efficiently complete tasks throughout the quote-to-invoice process.  Most importantly, team members will not need specialized training to maximize the BulkSource benefits.  Learn More

Platform Features

Inventory Management

BulkSource Inventory Module provides site management the means to update their available inventory into the platform from their mobile or tablet devices. Help manage schedules and shifts by having clear visibility into future orders. Learn More

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Digital Scale Ticket Capture

BulkSource leads the scale ticketing process into the modern era. The BulkSource Scale House Module stores your digital tickets in the cloud allowing you to say goodbye to paper tickets. . Learn More

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Site Information Management

BulkSource allows your sites the ability to post and update important information. Provide truckers directions on where and how to pick up their loads. Allow for schedules and contact information to be easily accessible. Learn More

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Geo-Fencing Push Notifications

BulkSource uses advanced GPS technology to help notify all parties when arrivals and drop-offs are nearby. Engage and communicate with your truckers and trucking partners like never before. Learn More

Field Survey

Mobile & Tablet Enabled

BulkSource allows your teams to remain connected while in the field.  BulkSource is enabled for mobile and tablet devices using either Wi-Fi or cellular signals, BulkSource allows its customers to manage their operation any place at any time.  Learn More

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Automated Order Reconciliation

BulkSource takes the paper scale tickets out of your day-to-day processes. By putting all aspects of your order and fulfillment into the cloud, BulkSource eliminates the time-consuming process of reconciling paper tickets and updating inventory, payables, and receivables.  Learn More

Inventory, pricing, and client information all in one place. The customer portal enables sales teams to deliver excellent customer support.

Maintain internal fleets and independent trucking partners availability in a centralized place.  

Fleet & Truck Management

Eliminate the stress and wasted hours of paper ticket reconciliation. Get paid faster with Digital Invoices and Payments. 

BulkSource can be used in a variety of industry applications. Many measured commodity needing last mile delivery will benefit from BulkSource.

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