Modernizing the Supplier-Trucking Partnership

The BulkSource proprietary logistics platform allows suppliers to easily connect and transact with their trucking partners.  BulkSource enhances a supplier's trucking network by improving allocation, booking, dispatching, and fleet management.  It is compatible with internal fleets, carriers, and owner-operators.  The load matching process is streamlined while providing real-time delivery status and GPS tracking.  Deliveries are confirmed by truckers and customers.  Truckers may elect to invoice the supplier by the load or job, depending on preference or contract terms. Learn More


Platform Features

BulkSource allows bulk material suppliers to maintain their inventory centrally in the cloud. 

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Unlimited Job Leads

Market your rates and services to bulk material suppliers that match the fleet or asset's hauling capabilities.  Update the trucks' availability and book jobs well in advance.  Learn More

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Real-time Load Tracking

BulkSource manages bulk material loads in the cloud.  BulkSource Mobile allows the supplier, trucker, and customer to receive real-time status updates and GPS tracking. Learn More

Digital Invoice & Billing

BulkSource enables truckers to easily invoice the supplier by the load or each completed order.  As a result, truckers get paid faster all while the platform handles the administrative paperwork.  Learn More

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Mobile Application

BulkSource Mobile  is an application specifically designed for trucking customers. BulkSource empowers truckers to move their operation into the cloud. Collect digital scale tickets, turn-by-turn navigation, and delivery confirmations on your smart phone. Learn More

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Manage Fleet Availability

BulkSource catalogs all fleet specifications and details for all your vehicles, trucks, and heavy equipment. Use BulkSource to update schedules and availability. Learn More


BulkSource GIS

BulkSource uses the latest in GPS and GIS technology. BulkSource geo-fencing allows dispatchers and site operators to be notified when specific trucks and loads are arriving to their respective destinations.  Learn More

Inventory, pricing, and client information all in one place. The customer portal enables sales teams to deliver excellent customer support.

Sales & Account Management

Maintain internal fleets and independent trucking partners availability in a centralized place.  

Fleet & Truck Management

Maintain & update inventory and site information from a desktop of mobile device. Engage customer and truckers like never before.

Site Operations

Eliminate the stress and wasted hours of paper ticket reconciliation. Get paid faster with Digital Invoices and Payments. 

Back Office Administration