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The Industry's Most Comprehensive Customer Portal

Tender Customer Portal and Payment Suite ushers in a new era of convenience for both material producers and material buyers. Designed with material buyers in mind, Tender provides effortless navigation and a host of user-friendly features. Tender’s self-service e-Ticket Reporting saves time and effort by avoiding the hassle of manual processes. Streamline the receivables process by allowing customers to view and pay invoices online, providing multiple options for customers to conveniently settle their accounts while minimizing paperwork. Provide customers with real-time access to order information, enhancing supply chain visibility for improved project management. 

Tender Features

Centralize Customer Information

Unlock the ultimate convenience with our modernized customer portal! Enhance your customers' experience by providing them seamless access to their order-related information in one secure location. Experience the benefits of synchronizing your customers' business with yours.


System Integrations

Material producers easily push and pull information between Tender and their existing ERP, enabling producers to continue generating invoices with their existing systems.  The invoices are transferred to the Customer Portal where customers view associated orders and tickets and make payments digitally. Tender updates the ERP when transactions are executed, closing the loop and ensuring data integrity. 

Digital Payments

Tender is a Payment Facilitator (PayFac), enabling producers to transact digitally, drastically relieving the conventional strains on working capital. Producers receive payments faster by providing an easier way to create, review, and pay invoices.  All payments are recorded and tracked within your Tender account.


Sales Tax

Producers' accounting and finance teams use Tender to manage all applicable tax rates and jurisdictions. Different tax rates can be applied for deliveries or FOB pickups. Accounting and sales can also manage customers' tax exempt statuses.  The calculated sales taxes are included in any designated invoice.

Invoice Creation Wizard

The invoice creation wizard customizes and automates the invoice process. Tender integrates with accounting and ERP systems, automating data transmission, and therefore eliminating unnecessary manual data entry. Customers view and download invoices from their customer portal, and then directly pay invoices with a credit card, debit card, or ACH via Tender Digital Payments.

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