Supply Chain Management & Frictionless Commerce for the Bulk Materials Industry

BulkSource is an enterprise software solution that enables frictionless B2B e-commerce for bulk materials. The platform provides suppliers, delivery transportation, and product consumers with an industry-specific solution to manage their dynamic operations and supply chains. The seamless connectivity of all users on a single platform simplifies the complex B2B e-commerce execution from quote through to delivery and invoicing.

Procurement Online

Suppliers and customers connect to create, negotiate, and accept the real-time ordering of bulk materials

Analytics-Powered Fulfillment

Once bids are accepted, BulkSource recommends job assignments and delivery schedules, and prices orders in real-time

Modernized Back-Office Support

Streamlines administrative functions for suppliers, customers, and truckers in this easy to implement platform

BulkSource takes bulk material supply chains seriously. We've worked in the business as quarry operators, processors, and truckers. We understand the problems you face every day and built our platform to make your job easier.

Supplier Portal

Access your entire supply chain information and insights

Inventory & Pricing Management

Sales & Account Management

Fleet Management & Dispatch

Back Office Administration

Fleet Portal

Manage your entire logistics operation in one integrated platform

Fleet Availability



Driver App

Customer Portal

Streamline the way customers engage your supply chain

Quote & Order Management

Order Tracking

Site Operations

Invoicing & Payments

What kind of Support do I get?
How often is data uploaded ?

We offer 24hr customer support through our applications. Our customer success team can also provide live agent support to resolve any issues quickly.  

What kind of alerts can be created?

Our system continuously updates in real-time as new information is entered into or collected by BulkSource. 

Can I create different user profiles?

Suppliers can set up custom alerts that are received either in-app or by email. By default, suppliers can set up notifications for pickup and drop-off, scale tickets, quote requests, and order completion.

Of course! You can make as many users and profiles as you want, all with custom access, so anyone in your supply chain can access important information about their role, job, or order.

Can I track order statistics?
My organization is unique, will you build custom features?

We use a variety of data points, including pickups, drop-offs, locations, time, speed, and more, to power our analytics. We then allow you to filter this information in all formats to evaluate your operation's performance.

Before we start with a new client, we complete a full free review of your current process. Once we understand your operations, we will provide an onboarding plan with all of the existing BulkSource tools we will use and the custom features we can build for you!


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