AI-Powered Decision Support Solutions

Weather is one of the top three reasons for missed milestones in the construction industry and built environment, with negative impacts costing billions of dollars. WeatherBuild® offers a suite of decision support solutions that empower contractors, owners, and operators to improve situational awareness and make better-informed decisions about weather events, schedule impacts, safety risks, and probable outcomes. Learn More

Platform Features

WeatherBuild Mobile

BulkSource's Weather Intelligence puts the power of WeatherBuild into your mobile device. Check the weather in real-time or receive push and text notifications about weather-related events at your site(s).  Learn More

Schedule Integration

WeatherBuild's Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (MLAI) can recommend when to schedule production and fulfillment. Stop losing money by paying workers or truckers to show up to sites that cannot operate. 
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Notifications & Emails 

Get your Weather Intelligence forecasts, alerts, and reports automatically delivered to your phone or inbox. WeatherBuild makes it easy to stay on top of weather-related production issues and safety risks.   Learn More

WeatherBuild Station

Use WeatherBuild across all your sites to reduce risk. We know that our customers take safety seriously, and so do we. Being able to make informed decisions can make a big difference. Learn More

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WeatherBuild Web

BulkSource has built WeatherBuild directly into the product, but you can also access your Weather Intelligence through your desktop or laptop. Take advantage of all its web-based features to maximize your license. Learn More


Station Integration

Do you already have a weather station? That's great because WeatherBuild can integrate into your hardware providing unmatched site intelligence and all the power and benefits of WeatherBuild. Learn More

Inventory, pricing, and client information all in one place. The customer portal enables sales teams to deliver excellent customer support.

Maintain & update inventory and site information from a desktop or mobile device. Engage customers, and truckers like never before.

Maintain & update inventory and site information from a desktop or mobile device. Engage customers and truckers like never before.

BulkSource can be used in a variety of industry applications. Many measured commodity needing last mile delivery will benefit from BulkSource.

Fleet & Truck Management

Sales & Account Management


Site Operations